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How did you get into comedy?

Fate. I moved to NYC to model and to be in entertainment. I knew nothing about the the stand up world. I was walking down Bleecker Street and was barked into the Village Lantern for a free comedy show and cheap beer. I was blown away by the show and fell in love with stand up! Soon after I started producing (not performing).


What advice would you give your younger self about getting into comedy?


Write, write, and write everyday. I need to still write more. 


Who are your comedy heroes?

Andrew Schulz, Whitney Cummings, and Ellen Degeneres!

Describe comedy in one word.


High school ;)


What’s one of your best memories being on the road?


I love being on the road. I was in Minnesota doing a show in Minneapolis and a huge group from real father’s side (he is not in my life) came to my show and I haven’t seen them in years! It was so cool to reconnect with them through my set, also it was the first time I did thirty minutes. 


If you weren’t doing standup, what do you think you’d be doing?


A life coach or working in the fitness world. 


What are some upcoming projects you’re working on?

My new sports podcast “The Other Side of Sports” and new season of “Two Minute Warning” 

How bad was your worst road gig?


I’m lucky they haven’t been too bad! I was a regular down in Atlantic City and this audience member did try to fight me! Im a lover not a fighter! Hated it. 


How do you handle a heckler?


I love hecklers! Majority of the time im hosting shows. I deal with themoften. I try to keep it fun so they dont turn on you. I kick them out early too if they wont stop. 


How would you describe your style of comedy?


Personal, observational, and I do some story telling.



What’s something you geek out on that people wouldn’t expect to hear? Star Wars 


Who’s a celebrity, dead or alive, that you would party with? This is a tough one.... but Ellen! She is so fun! 


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