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What advice would you give your younger self about getting into comedy?

Dude you’ll be ight. I love the direction I'm going. I'm not the one to regret anything. I learn from everything I’ve done but at this point of time, it was a lot of my wrongs that got me to where I am now.

Describe comedy in one word.

su·per·ca·li·fra·gil·is·tic·ex·pi·a·li·do·cious. "Haha nah I’m joking. " I would say “pure”. The root of it all. Comedy and music are like new born babies. You either cry or laugh. No one tells you how to laugh or cry. It’s just natural. It’s just a blissful feeling.

What’s one of your best memories being on the road?


I was on the road not too long ago. We left the show and the promoter was like "yo we going to the club."

He took us bar hopping. He was drunk and started yelling at us. As soon as I said it can’t get any worst or funnier than this, he crashed the car. He full on crashed the car but he was still on party promoter mode. He was like "yooo we hitting the next spot." My boy and I were like "nah we just going to stay here" but we actually ended up calling a uber and left.

How bad was your worst road gig?

The road is usually never my worse. It's NYC that sometimes humbles me. I remember I did Ray Dejohn's show and did really well. I went back the week after and it was horrible. I bombed. Full on bombed. I remember I was just pop locking on stage till my time was done. The crowd didn’t tell me get off, but they sent the host to get me off. They say after the bomb usually comes my best success.


How did you get into comedy?

I’ve been doing stand up for about seven years. I actually started doing plays at a program called the Possibility Project  It was a  program that creates a play based off real life scenarios that the cast went through. Comedy on the other hand was something I studied and watched. A lot of people told me I should do stand up. I remember one day walking in the city at sixteen years old, and saw an open mic. I remembered my first jokes were about my writing and spelling. Later that year a comedian named Jeffery Joseph came to my high school for career day. I took it as a sign after a sign after a sign.

How do you handle a heckler?

I tend to not get the crazy hecklers. I usually just fuck with hecklers. I spend time fucking around with the crowd or talking about how shitty the establishment looks. If it goes bad I chuck it up to being a bad show
or a L I needed to take.

How would you describe your style of comedy?

I’m still learning. It’s why I say "Define Yourself." People think I know what I’m doing but I am actually defining myself right now. I’m learning as I go.

Who are your comedy heroes?

As a black dude, I’ll have to say Eddie Murphy. But as a business man, I’ll have to say Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon. Hustle like Kevin and Nick. Entertaining style I won’t say Nick though. I want to be great, so I'll act and follow the great ones.

If you weren’t doing standup, what do you think you’d be doing?

If I never discovered performing I probably will be a pre-school teacher. I am not saying I was qualified for the job but all I needed to know was letters and numbers. I love kids though. They’re great.


What are some upcoming projects you’re working on?

I’m working on my comedy album. It’s actually being released next month. I’ll be promoting over the next couple of days. It’s called “Finally Defined” but the funny thing is, it’s not defined at all. If this was the 90’s I’ll be selling this in the back of a truck. Also, I’ll be doing a show for my birthday at West Side Comedy Club on June 30th .


What’s something you geek out on that people wouldn’t expect to hear?

I’m a big Power Ranger fan. In my spear time I watch cartoon. If my girl walks by and I'm just on my laptop watching Pokémon, Power Rangers and other people are usually playing games. When I get my first real check I am making a Power Ranger Megazord. I’m a nerd.

Who’s a celebrity, dead or alive, that you would party with?
80’s Eddie Murphy or Kanye West after "College Dropout." Maybe Diddy. But definitely late 80’s Charlie Sheen but amongst other black people also. Charlie Sheen with three other black people, basically, Charlie and the chocolate factory. You never want to be the only black dude at a crazy white party.

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