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Who are your comedy heroes?

Throughout my life I've looked up to a handful of comedians: Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Lenny Bruce, Billy Connelly, and Eddie Izard (circa 1999).


How did you get into comedy?

I always had a secret dream of doing  standup since I was six years old. After I flunked out of college, I would pass by the Comedy Store in La Jolla a bunch of times and finally decided to do their open mic. I haven't stopped since.

What advice would you give your younger self about getting into comedy?

You need to learn how to listen better and don’t be scared to make friends.


Describe comedy in one word.


How would you describe your style of comedy?

Observant and personal. Stories with purpose.

What’s one of your best memories being on the road?

There was a bachelorette party at this show I was doing. They invited the opener and myself out on the town with them. It was fifteen attractive women and us. One of the women was highly intoxicated and insisted on dancing on the bar. Of course the club let her. She had a misstep and face planted behind the bar. It looked so bad that the whole club stopped including the Dj. I was fully prepared to call an ambulance but seconds later she got up without a scratch. I started laughing so hard I had to leave the club.

How bad was your worst road gig?

My worst gig ever was opening for Mariah Carey. I did so poorly they threw beach balls into the audience after my set.

How do you handle a heckler?

I let them make everyone around them mad and then dismantle them on a personal level. Since they've already pissed everyone off, it give me the opening to say really awful things to them.

If you weren’t doing standup, what do you think you’d be doing?

I’d be coaching high school football. All the males in my family are coaches.

What are some upcoming projects you’re working on?

I have two great podcasts "Generation Gap" and "Broken-Tailed Dog"  as well as new web series called "Detour Detroit" coming out in the summer.


What’s something you geek out on that people wouldn’t expect to hear?

I love vinyl and cartoons. So I know every episode of Rick and Morty as well as Squidbillies.

Who’s a celebrity, dead or alive, that you would party with?

I'd love to party with Steve Reubel, owner of Studio 54, and Keith Richards 

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